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Let's smile together, I smiles all the time

So today was our first full day in Kabul. We sold our old office last year, so we have to find a new one and are currently staying in the office of another Korean group (JTS Join Together Society or Jung To Society, actually a radical Buddhist organization). They dont have a project here anymore so there is no one here but us and their stuff. There office is actually a little too nice for us, (when we have running water, it is actually hot! And they actually have a sit down toilet!) but it is cool to stay here while we get going. Plus its big. And its furnished all afghan style which means tons of sweet floor cushions.

Anyway today we bough some nice traditional afghan clothes to put on our bodies. For me a black and white checkered scarf, and then two sets of shirts and pants, green and beiges for me. They are intensely comfortable, its like wearing some sweet PJs all around town. We also met with a bunch of Korean NGOs today. They were nice although we talked mostly in Korean which meant no understanding for me, but its cool I am used to it and kind of like it. Sometimes never ever talking in proper English or English at all is obnoxious but most of the time it is fun. I have this really stupid sounding voice now though as I talk with a slightly broken accent because thats all I hear.

In China, I bought this pencil holder that has this bear named sweety bear and on it reads, "I want to be your friend. Let's Smile together, I smiles all the time."


  • At 10:37 PM, Blogger sararenee said…

    The pencil holder sounds great, but wearing pjs all over town sounds like a sweet deal!


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