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I guess even radical Buddhist monks need their VCD’s of bootleg copies of 8 legged freaks.

Today we got our car back. Some Korean missionaries had been keeping it for us. Its a junky Toyota jeep thing from the 80s. Its totally the worst, and the roads in Afghanistan are insanely bad so driving is an awesome disaster from disaster station 8. But anyway it needed some heavy repairs so we spent most of the day doing that. They served us tea at the auto mechanic! It was great, tea is everywhere. I probably drink about 12 glasses a day.

Kabul is set up really interestingly. They have specific streets here. So to go the car mechanic we simply went to the car street (not the actual name), and the whole street is just mechanics. The same goes for fruit, and tires, and batteries and clothes. Its pretty cool although I dont know how you decide who to go to once you get here.

More importantly! There is a street here called Chicken Street. That's not a translation, its Chicken Street in english. So all the time i get to hear people including the afghans saying "Chicken Street."

Tonight we watched some VCDs (we watched mean creek, not too bad, predictable in but in only in the straw dogs sense, not as good as straw dogs, just reminded me of it). Koreans sure like illegal downloads and its the best. We also found another stash of movies from the net, here in the JTS office. I guess even radical Buddhist monks need their VCDs of bootleg copies of 8 legged freaks. So in our free time, when we have electricity, we often watch movies at night.

In general have electricity at some point during the day. If we have it in the morning then we usually dont have it in the evening. And vice versa. Sometimes we get it all day. Those days are special days of joy. Sometimes the same goes for water. Although we do have a well outside in case we need it.


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