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First Day in Tupchi!

What kind of Ghosts live in mountains?
This is beginning the series of catching up on old things which were not posted. I am not starting at the beginning I am starting with my current life here in Bamyan, Afghanistan. I will also be throwing in a bit of business from the Kashmir Earthquake. The Cast has changed, Joony went back to Korea, Young Mi and Chang Hyun Came from Korea. Hee Eun is still in Kabul, Chul went to Pakistan. The Dates will all be wrong in order to have them appear at the top of the blog and later I will change them. or will I? And Matt don't worry I'm coming to you wedding, I'm just angry its August 5th and not the week or two before.

I miss Hee Eun. and Joony. and Andy Senter. There's a big jump in continuity here from well before Peace Camp (August) - Vacation in Pakistan for a 15 days - Earthquake in Pakistan for longer - Moving to Tupchi, Bamyan. That's okay though its mostly lies anyway.

Today was the first day, I guess in Tupchi (the village in which we now find myself, "doing my thing"). The first real day anyway. Everybody, Hee Eun (dang), Chul, and Amanullah left to go back to Kabul or elsewhere. Our first night alone here. After they left (shoot), We played Soccer with a bunch of boys from the refugee camp (naowbat) near the school, trying not to kick the ball of the mountain or into a minefield (not true, this side of the river has been demined, but its sounded good huh? See all lies). It was great. I didn't realize how much Granshakh had scarred me (you didn't either, when the blog left off I was just introducing it to your ways, I will fill in the blanks later, for now if you want to know about it go see the movie dogville) But so far no one has hit me, pushed me down a hill, stolen from me, called me an infidel or told me I was going to hell. I guess I was expecting it, but here they all seem to be kind and like me. And they are all impressed by my Farsi speaking abilities (bad move, I always come on strong and then later they try to talk to me fast of difficult and we all lose).

I am of course running out of internet time. Its spent most of my time reading about the CPT kidnapping and Corpus Christi the play

So I will leave you for this week with some items.

1. Today we me with the teachers and they cared about the students and about education. One of them called me Ustaz (teacher). In Granshakh the teachers called me Bacha (boy).

2. The view from our house is continuosly destroying the view from all houses and making those houses feel clumsy and foolish.

3. The Snow capped mountains are slowing coming here for a visit. In a month they will arrive.

4. The Last three nights in a row, I've dreamt of earthquakes. The Last one everyone died except Joony. Hee Eun was crushed beneath the ceiling while lying in bed. I didn't tell her that.

5. This internet cafe (the only seven computers in the whole province with internet access) is slow but surprisinly faster than kabul. Its cold as darren's boulders though and my hands freeze like frozen gold.

6. The guy at the gas station where we get deisel for our oil lamp signs the reciept, "love" in english.

Dang times up. I still have so much to write. I hate the internet. and time.


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