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It's 7:30ish in the PM, I'm wearing a self-made turban, the wind sweeps across this field because no one can come up with a better verb for wind activity (so I might as well say, "the wind is engaged in wind activity.") and once again I can't believe my beautiful crystal knife of a life!

Also there is so much wind here always engaging in wind activity. and silence. windy silence and wind science and wind slice silos, all try to work it out. It's real real nice. It's peaceful. and nice. Last night I had the most peaceful BM of my life. We go to the toilet in this field and at night the wind is there residing in its stead and making do with what it can, folding itself into triangles of half space and half sound and cool cool air and then this amazing sky shows up with all these stars, and there are no dogs with their dog attitudes and dog faces and this BM I was having, which I had, was like a dream.


  • At 12:42 AM, Anonymous ryan said…

    All this peaceful BM talk is very Palahniuk-esque


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