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Sorry, No chickens bodies available

Aww man
i was gonna write all this sweet stuff, but we have to buy some cookies and gear for our class christmas party and a chickens legs for christmas dinner (no chickens body was available). Really I don't know if i can handle all this updating pressure.

"We ain't go no money! we ain't got no time!"
I've been making up a lot of sweet dialogues and songs for our english class and then making the students sing and dance and say whatever words i want them to say. Of course i have to use real words due to my concisence and the other teachers, but whatevs. I might video tape some of this if i can get some battery power and if i stop feeling awkward and rich about waving a video camera in village kids faces.

All these sweet things are happening in my life that you totally don't know about, which is too bad, but my time here is almost finished (bout a monf, less actually) and then another in korea and then its back in your TLC arms and your TLC made for tv movies and your TLC Cds.

I was thinking about how I will fit in with everyone, and i am sure it will work out fine. the only problem is that the things and names that I say that Jake hates have all changed to things reconizable only by me. Instead of nate reed I say ghulam Ali or Khuda dad. Instead of "singing mice" I say singae? Pashtu for "how are you" Instead of say hey myon, I say chang hyun. Excpet I usually say these things in my head. But all things work together for good for them that love the lord, so I guess i'll be fine and jonny rice will be screwed.

Also I had this dream about owens and we were trying to find these awesome snacks and jake wanted this dried fruit and me and aaron senter and andy and erica wanted this huge car sized peice of french bread and we got in this huge fight and then i don't rmember what happened but now i want to eat a sandwhich real bad and they don't have those here.

Matt why don't you change your wedding date a week earlier. I'm going to ask till you give me an answer.


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