Cookie Tong

It's Honey Box


Yes, Joony! I saw Buzkashi!

Buzkashi was amazing but I didn't finish writing about it my book or diary or whatever it is, so I can't "put it up yet." So hopefully next week. But let it be known that it was both as awesome and disappoining as could be imagined. okay so just don't worry about it, geez.

Danes winds

Sometimes when I'm down, I realize that the problem is just that I need to hear some dirty bass accompanied with some super nasty beats and have someone remind me that, "It's party time" or something similar. But nobody hear ever reminds me of that. So I started having my own parties during class sometime.

Today I was accomplishing continuous goals.

Today I was reading this poem, sort of, actually it was a list of jobs, which if we were being honest wiht ourselves, really just ought to replace all poetry, and I were a poet I would really try to have a "lists of Jobs" stage that art historians or whoever could talk about later. Anyway it had some really good sections.