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Well, Well, another day another Eastbay. Went out to eat and had some more delicious kebabs. Our friend Hadi said that there are ten kinds! So far I have just had one. Cant wait for all of them. Thats mostly what we eat here. Kebabs, Nan (bread), and Palaw, delicious afghan fried rice stuff. And then we also eat some potatoes.

So anyway, It appears that I will be in Kabul till the end of April and then me and Joony (Joonhyuk, my teaching partner) will be going to our village, Geranshakh at the end of April and then be starting teaching May 1st. So I am excited about that as right now it seems like things wont really get started till we go there. Things will be much different and rougher there, from what I hear so I am excited for now, later I will probably regret saying that.

Good news! I am told there are turkeys Granshakh! Yes! Maybe that one turkey from amazing sports bloopers 2 will be there. Maybe Jay Johnstone will be there!

More importantly I did you know that there is a mountain here called Television Mountain!? Yes there is and you can see it from all over town and look up and say, "There's television mountain." and then someone else can agree with you about your statement. HAHA television mountain. Further good news is that my teacher partner and soon to be bunk mate, Joony thinks a lot of the things I think are funny (ie. Chicken Street, Television Mountain, this town called Charikar) are funny also. I don't even have to explain. Ah television mountain, making the world of laughter a little smaller.

Hmm what else? Oh yeah maybe you didn't realize it but most Korean's don't drink very much liquid (and sometimes almost none!). and if you know me you know I am a thirsty young man. But after much complaining we have started buying some cheap bottled water occasionally. We have to do that because you can't drink the water without boiling it, and in the office we are in we don't have any way to boil lots of water and even so it would be hot, not delicious and cool or at least pleasant and luke warm. I think they could easily get buy on one or 2 glasses of tea a day. But not me, oh no, no no no no no no no no no no.

I found this Abba Dvd in the office here. I realized I like more Abba than I thought. Ecspcially the song, "take a chance on me" mmm good. Also Most of the Koreans i have met, my team here included, even when they like other styles of music they can all gather round for some delicious korean ccm or adult contemporary. so most of the time this is awesome dream of so much korean adult contemporary, but sometimes i want to listen to something else. and so I do. I have been listening to a lot of erlend oye and damien jurado and stars of the lid. as well as some beautiful afghan music. when you walk around town it is always blaring all over the place.


  • At 10:43 PM, Blogger sararenee said…

    Television mountain? Sometimes when i'm reading this i feel like i'm reading some sci-fi B movie that was made and then discarded. But, I like it.


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