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and then we met some really nice divers

There is a cola drink here called zim zam. And did you know that the Korean version of teletubbies they have different names and a different song? Bo instead of po, no tinky winky either.

So, we have been talking it up about geranshakh, the village I will be moving to in about a month. Apparently we are going to buy a Chinese bicycle, because to get supplies and some food, we will need to bike 1 hour to another village every couple days. Haha! 1 hour of biking. And if you know the sweet roads here in Afghanistan, they are the worst non real roads ever, even in Kabul the capital, and I am told they are far worse in the village.

Also, apparently we will bathe in a river near the village and in the winter not bathe, or maybe only once every two weeks when we come to Kabul.

More importantly for those of you who know how much I love my stuff to be stolen, apparently most of my stuff will be stolen as in the past large quantities of stuff have been stolen during the peace camps. One time they stole everything in one room including the floor mats and sleeping bags and pillows. So I am excited about these theft prospects. I want all my belongings to be stolen and then have nothing for the rest of the time and then die! Hahaha!

Also there will be donkeys and sheep and goats and camels there. And a commander! Aaron and Bryce and Karson, the commander is in geranshakh! And apparently the kids there have knives and ak47s. and grenades. And bombs. And sometimes they fish with them. The just chuck the grenades in the river and then blast out the fish. sounds good to me.


  • At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Ryan said…

    Sounds like they've seen The Triplets of Belleville a few too many times.

  • At 3:58 AM, Anonymous jreen breers said…

    one hour bike ride! Sounds to me you won't be bringing home any popsicles.


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