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And that’s when he handed me a picture of some afghan children and some japanense business men, standing, smiling, awkwardly in front of a gold lexus.

“These my relatives. They visit japan for 15 days. That’s a 2003 lexus.”

Today we went and visited some friends of our team leader, Chul. Ismael and his family. He lives with 5 of his 8 brothers and 3 of his 6 sisters. Many of those are married so there are about 900 hundred totally amazing kids running around the house. Khamel, Shaeed, and Bilal were the coolest, and also this other kid that I don’t remember the name, of who was the awesomist gentleist shyist boy in the whole universe. Whenever I try and remember his name all that comes to mind is “Roshan” but I doubt that’s it because that is the name of the cell phone company here.

Also, and this is cool in afghan culture, not weird, he, one of his older brothers, and a sister are all married to the same family of 2 sisters and a brother. Also they were all cousins to start with. Pretty nice moves. They fed us an insane meal, which was the best food we have had here yet: rice, dumplings, all this stuff I don’t know the names of. And we drank some zim zam. zim zam zim zam. zim zam.

"That’s an interesting item."

Furthmore we found an office to move into. Its up on the mountain side (not television mountain unfortunately) but it has an incredible view. Its real big and cool and its also the cheapest we could find at 250 bucks a month. Not bad for the capital, cause all these rich NGOs are driving up the price of living. Which sucks for afghans.

Also, we started learning Dari today. Some of the pronounciations are hard for Koreans and the teacher likes my pronouciations, so I am a sweet dari teacher's pet.


  • At 7:49 AM, Anonymous stanley said…

    hey parko-
    for a few minutes i really thought that two bros. & one sis. + two sis. & one bro. were all in ONE marriage. and i was surprised.


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