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So, maybe you are wondering what a typical day looks like here for me. Well, for this month I am not teaching or doing much work other than studying history and culture stuff and most importantly learning the language and also developing the curriculum we are going to use. So anyway here is a typical day:

6 or 7 am – Wake up. that’s right. Early central. Wake up at 6 if you are breakfast duty, 7 if you are not. If you are breakfast duty one of you beautiful jobs is to walk down the street to our little corner bakery and get some nice fresh warm nan. Its so good. Our bakery is amazing, It’s the best nan I have had here.

8 am - After breakfast we have a morning meeting, which they awesomely like to call “The Opening Ceremony.” This is when we discuss our plans for the day.

9 am - Then usually we have Dari class from 9 to 12. This is five days a week. Khub as.

12 noon - We go out to eat for lunch. We often try new restaurants although we have a couple favorites. My favorite is this one where we get “salads” (French fries with some veggies) and palaw (delicious rice with these grape things and lamb but the grape things are good not gross like it might sound) tika kebab (because it’s the best kind) and sometimes we get this egg stuff and of course nan and fanta or Miranda or 7up. All for about $1.50 each.

1 or 2 or 3 pm – The schedule in the afternoon is more flexible. We either run errands, meet people, work on our peace school curriculum or all three. Sometimes we don’t do anything and take naps. Sometimes, like recently when we are moving into a new office, we go and buy a sink or a stove or something. Sometimes we play soccer.

6 or 7 pm – Then if you are on dinner duty you prepare dinner around 6 and then we eat around 7ish.

8 or so pm - We have a meeting after dinner. We talk about what we did and whatever we want to say.

9-9:30 pm - we may have a little bible study. Sometimes this is earlier, sometimes we don’t have it.

Then we do whatever (read, talk, watch a movie, lie down very still) or go to bed. It sounds kind of packed and sometimes its is, but this is Afghanistan so everything is slow paced and so are we. So everything is pretty flexible and there is always time for some naps and some downtime and what not.



  • At 9:45 AM, Anonymous jerr and jean bear said…

    i love that you will learn dari!

    also, something has recently come to light: cartoon beans. cartoon beans, man, cartoon beans!

    here is a small collection of some cartoon beans to make your day bright and bold:

    p.s. never stop reading chonny's livejournal! it never stops getting more beautiful than you have ever believed!


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