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Then I was like, “This is the best time of the best moment in all the time being awake.” So we rose and we were like, “Yeah, it was this beast!”

And I was telling all these lies, okay? And well, I…would just like to have a nice time at the pond.

We got another dari teacher, today. So now we have two. They will alternate days.

She is very nice. Her name is chamilya or something. She feels a little awkward because she has never taught any males before (this is Afghanistan you know) but there is one girl (Hee Eun) in our group so it is okay to teach us. But she won’t come if Hee Eun won’t be here. But anyway I am excited to learn it up learn style and learn it up bad. I am a bad night at the dave and allie’s house. And I am excited to learn. We have homework now, which is funny and like school, but I actually like it. I think because I know it will be useful and I want to learn to speak dari. Bad nes! (dari for, "not bad")


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