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Brian's night on the tewn

Sorry this weeks offerings are scant, I was lazy and not that much happened.

Today I ate at a the Turkish restaurant here in Kabul. Not too shabby. Ate my favorite kind of kebab (doner kebab) althought it was a little bit different and I actually like the French Algerian version better than the Turkish version but they are close. My friend joony ate it and also realized its tender taste and delicious melody of desire with which it carved a niche in his back.

Also our upstairs named (peter baek) is sort of rich compared to us and he has a tv tuner on his computer ,so yes yes yes we get to watch some beautiful afghan tv (actually just once so far) and the best show so far, is of course, the hop. It contains the most beautiful music videos with the most beautifully mustached men singing of their heart felt desires for the forbidden Turkish, Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, tajik, uzbek, Fill in the central asian blank woman, of their heart felt desireocity. And let me tell you it is sooooooooo goooooooooooooood. Also we watched part of this most excellent Iranian movie. I couldn’t understand it because my farsi/dari is still quite limited but it seemed to be about these one sinister guys in this car and then this guy and these two girls on the phone. My kind of movie I think.

I have been listening to a bit of Air recently and I was reminded again how weird it is that they are allowed to be cool. I mean I think they are great but I don’t think the general indie community's fathers listened to enough Vangelis for them to realize just how close Air is to that sort of thing, Kitaro, Shadowfax and mostly Vangelis, so super close to Vangelis, Air is teetering on the edge of being sigend to windham hill (new age music hotshot label, although not host to their closest kin Vangelis). But I kind of like Vangelis so it doesn’t matter.

Furthermore, Last night we had a small house party for our new office for some other Koreans we know and we had this awesome Korean barbegue chicken.


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