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First Day in the Village

As advertised above, today was the first day in the village. The village is a beautiful tetherball of quiet nicities. The mountains are as beautiful as all get out. Right now I am writing this in the "teacher's lounge" at school here and all the teachers are staring at me and talking about things only vaguely understand, mainly the parts about me writing. Anyway we sat in on a class and then we arranged our room. Our room is pretty nice. Actually its too nice. It even has some carpet and paint on the walls. We had to end up living at the commanders, which is a little fancy (by poor village standards) because the commander is rich (by village standards). We didn't want to live there because he is too rich and also because there is a bit of a power struggle going on and we didn't want to live with the powerful people, but only the commander has final say on where we are staying and everyone else is too afraid to go against that (and also don't really want to help that much)

Anyway after school we arranged our things and said goodbye, which was sad. Just when I was finally getting used to the people and the surroundings in Kabul I have to move and adjust to somewhere new. I miss friends both old and new and mainly this one girl I know. But I will adjust again soon, like the sweet claims adjuster that I am.

So after everyone left we met these two guys, Zyat and Farhad and we looked at this english textbook together and at Zyat's various expired IDs. (everyone seems to have some kind of expired ID or passport that they carry to show you proudly).

We also cooked dinner. Our room always smells like gas and onions and gas all the time because we cook and live and do everything in our one room which which smells like gas and onions. We cook in the far corner of the room (the one that doesn't have the mickey mouse, beijing 2008 cabinet in it), so that corner helps our room to smell like gas and onions from our small gas burner and our smaller onions. Sometimes we open the window (actually all the time, its hot!), but sometimes the wind blows in a tremendous amount of dust (actually all the time, its hot!).


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