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Oh Chan, Oh Chan, Mirror!

There is this part in Rick's Hold (this song that Joe and Steven and I improvised once in a basement) where I’m singing “the palace is for knowledge the palace is for love" and "hey buddy come on in the palace" in this real dumb voice and then Joe says this really cool “all right” in a background-of-some-live-jazz type of way. It's a real good moment.

And then later when I say, "and that’s when the palace burned to the ground" there is this most beautiful chord which immediately follows and its so beautiful, and the palace burning is so beautiful and such a peaceful disaster.

Also there is this baby that lives upstairs of our new apartament and this baby, this baby has the most awesome vampire lung collapsing scream like an insane lion bird sucking all the blood and skin off your body with intense force and replacing it with pure evil and sometimes I think that if I had to die, that probably the best possible way would be for this baby to devour me.


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