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Oh hey man, Just pouring some different colored liquids into inappropriately colored glasses...

And hey, what is going on with track 10 on the sun kil moon cd? Its so good and then at like the 4 minute mark or so, these stupid orchestra strings come in like it’s a Vanessa carlton song, It doesn’t ruin it but its just like what? And then maybe you realize that he knows something you don’t and you wonder what that is. And then you try to love those strings but you don’t yet, but then again you’re only 23.

Today I got this really nice green tradtional afghan bag. It’s maybe more of man purse, but its very nice and it even has bits of shiny plastic or glass sewn into it. It was a delayed birthday gift because my friend Joony’s birthday was a few days ago and he got one too, so they didn’t want to ruin it for him all bad-like on my birthday.

I had a series of three dreams the other day in church, the first one I was sorting these different sized cans, and I kept changing the order and it was really important, and then another were I was doing the same with bags (I have really been loving bags, lately and sometimes thinking about them all the time. I wish all my dreams would be about bags), and then a third where I was eating this just incredible blueberry and some other berry yogurt, that was the best yogurt I have ever had and I really want some now but I can’t get that here.

Speaking of church there is this international church that meets at random times and places every friday, so I have been going to that. It's actually a little bit boring and also I haven't made any friends there yet because I'm not good at doing that like that. But I'm trying. my strategy is to stand awkwardly alone somewhere looking confused and hope someone asks me a question, but they don't or at least not yet.


  • At 3:27 AM, Anonymous Ryan said…

    Bags bags bags. So many bags. I'll send you a bag hutch for your birthday.

  • At 6:24 PM, Blogger murderbuddies said…

    yo dude, i miss you.
    we're kinda doing the the same thing now. not really. iplayed a show with extol last week. it was weird, and made me mis you. i just thought about all our weekend getaways to elkart. driving fast. extol fast. kisses fast. do adults read this? if so, hi adults, that was fake pacos not into boys. just me. em's really worried that i am going to get rockstar syndrome. i think i'm going to spend a paycheck on deisel jeans to confirm that. but then ill send them to you so you can show all the dudes your hanging out with what is really important in life. pants. we may elope. i stopped smoking for a month but im back with a vengence, and with menthol. i thought that was i dont have to buy gum too, i was wrong. later, email me or something. i miss you. unless that makes you homesick, if thats the case then never come back. remember the titans.

  • At 11:01 AM, Anonymous bourn trentorns said…

    renmender thie trentons... oh hey ty, we should hang out real bad huh. call me this summer i'll be chilling in a vains-beournston

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