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Yesterday, in two seperate incidents my grandma died and the internet cafe we frequent was suicide bombed.

No one we knew was there but someone that someone knew was there. This just as I was telling my friend Justin that afghanistan is much more stable than iraq. Stable meaning on the surface as in there isn't an insane war raging. Underneath of course there are intense amounts of turmoil and tension, not just against foriegn occupiers but also among the many ethic groups. Pashtuns don't like Hazaras or Tajiks, Tajiks don't like Pashtuns or Hazaras, Hazaras don't like Pashtuns and Tajiks, nobody likes russians, some people like Americans, some people hate Americans. As a group no ones hands are clean after years of infighting, backstabbing, civil war, profiteering, occupation, 10 million landmines, Communism, power, money, greed, islamic extremism, terrorism, and "liberation."

But as people they are all just people, not stereotypes, not homogenous, not without love. They've got reasons for things. They've got good or bad reasons for good or bad things. They've got good or excellent reasons for bad or terrible things. They make/made/planned/paid for mistakes, They're sorry, they're not sorry, they're so terribly sorry, they keep making mistakes, they beat their wives, they love their wives, they think they love thier wives. They make carpets, They make teapots, they dig ditches, they teach science. They beat women to death for trying to be humans, They put people in gas tanks and shoot rockets into those people. They heal people at hospitals, they pray to a god, they write poetry, they sing, they dance, they lie, they steal, they grow beards, they grow animals, they grow old, they die young, they fail, they let down their parents, they rebuild, they destroy, they tear apart their bodies with bombs in internet cafes.


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