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Ladle the salsa into either pint or half pint jars. You should end up with 4 or 5 pints, in pint jars, or 8 to 10 half pints, jars.

Actually, I seem to be having these bouts of nostalgia, mostly for things that aren’t real which is I guess mainly what nostalgia is. Its like how when you listen Stars of the lid: Tired Sounds of, or Sufjan Stevens or anything good, really, you get this longing for a place that doesn’t exist or maybe does but I’ve never been but I miss it anyway. And I really do miss America or really these weird flashes of generic Americana I keep having, you know things like bad representations of Mississippi delta blues or just someone with a nice haircut saying that phrase.

My brains keep being filled with these really bad tourist commercials for big cities with a saxophone and some city skyscape at night and then some laughing, old but not too old (say 60s) white people, and then a medium close up of some sizzling shrimp in a pan being tossed in the air for some reason, and then a too tight shot, completely awkward and artificially staged way to eat with your friends shot, of some black people and some white people (more white people though, but hey whose counting? God?) and one asian and/or one latino (doesn’t matter what kinds), laughing but not really, and they obviously really wouldn’t be friends but their love for the plain color no-logo shirts and khakis they are wearing have brought them together, and then for some reason there is more food thrown in the air along with some ice which is also thrown in the air, they accompany each other in being thrown in the air, thrown in air together at last, they are thrown in the air, thrown in the air, thrown.

And then there is a Lincoln town car commercial with all its suits and deserted downtowns and black cars and everything is dark in that sophisticated way that investment bankers/big and tall models/Gillette spokesmen enjoy. (speaking of Gillette, I had a dream in which Gillette featured an important part and it was a really great dream to tell someone but I can’t remember it. but you would laugh) and then there is an applebees or chilis commercial which is like the bad city commercial except without the saxophone and involves a lot more red.

Speaking of red! I really wish I could watch the movie, “In the mood for Love.” by Wong Kar Wai. If you haven’t seen it yet, and I know you haven’t, you need to find, rent, buy, steal, download it immediately. IT'S AMAZING! IT'S AMAZING. Please, you don’t understand, I can’t even believe its real, that’s how good it is, and last time I saw it was last july and I still think about it all the time, that’s how good it is. Wow. Please go. Its hard to find, I know but you need it for you life and for your eyes. Please go now. I really think you should go. No, I think you just should go right now.


  • At 3:25 AM, Anonymous Ryan said…

    I talk about In the Mood For Love and everybody thinks I'm crazy except for one awesome guy at my church who loves Wong Kar Wai, but he's moving to Bosnia in May.


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