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Landmines are not a nice time or a nice dinner. Do you wish to have a nice dinner or a nice time? please choose one.

We went to Bagram, today (a city north of here, that is near the village I will live in and also a US airforce base.) It was great to see the country side and get out of the city, (I like the city though). But it was also sad because everywhere you go and look there are the forboding signs of the white and red marker stones indicating areas where landmines are. And Afghanistan, being the most heavily mined county in the world (estimated 5-7 million mines), means those stones are everywhere. Also its a little scary because there are always kids running around. In the Kabul province alone there are still about 150-300 landmine accidents each month. In the country side there are so many people missing limbs or with prosthetics. Its ecspecially sad to little 5 or six year olds with crutches missing a leg or an arm or both.


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